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Viewing Trips

Often the best way to make a decision is to go on a Viewing or Inspection Trip...especially if you are buying the property for your own use as opposed to it being primarily for invesment. These trips are generally for 3 or 4 days and different areas and developements can be viewed so that you have a good appreciation of the area.

These trips are often subsidised by replica omega developers but are not filled with high pressure sales tactics. For those going on one, our developers realise that they have a seriously interested buyer and are happy to help with the costs and arrangements to make the viewing less expensive and generally easier to undertake...

Before or during the course of your trip, to allow you to make the right decision, we can cover all the following:-

During trips we can also once again cover:-

  • The Total Cost to Purchase
  • Any On-going Annual Costs
  • The Legal Formalities
  • Furniture
  • Rental Potential
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