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The buying process in Italy

Having decided on what property to purchase with Silverhouse Property Limited the following steps are taken:

Taxes and costs

Legal costs (as detailed above) should total approximately €2000 but are subject to your choice of legal representation. The taxes and costs detailed below are payable when purchasing a property in Italy:

  • The client will send Silverhouse Property a completed reservation form and will organise a payment to go directly to the developer whilst sending a receipt of the proof of transfer to Silverhouse Property; the property will be taken off the market.
  • In most cases the client will then organise a short viewing trip to view the plot; if you decide not to proceed upon inspection the reservation is refundable (within 30 days of reservation) and if you do proceed we will reimburse €500 off your costs on the first 50% payment.
  • The client is sent a copy of the standard developers contract.
  • The client will then (with a local lawer) negotiate agreement on the above-mentioned contract. This can be done with a short trip to Italy, or Silverhouse Property can assist you in finding legal representation to act on your behalf (Power of Attorney).
  • The client's lawer will then undergo legal checks on the property and the developer selling the property.
  • When all is agreed and checks are complete the contact will be signed and the first 50% paid to the developer with the reservation fee deducted off this.
  • Ownership and title deeds are transferred on completion of the development and the final 50% is then paid (Finance is available for this payment if needed).
  • Your lawyer then manages registration of property ownership and this usually takes approximately 1 week.
  • IVA (VAT) of 10% - this is a compulsory tax and is paid on the final payment (IVA) can be reduced by obtaining residency or buying through a company (please contact for more details).
  • Stamp duty (Notary tax) of 2% - Is charged as a percentage of the transaction.
  • Mortgage costs - This cost is dependant on whether you need or require finance for the final payment and is approx 1.5%.

Ongoing costs (fixed)

  • Community charge of €480 per year.
  • Annual tax of 0.4% of the purchase cost.

When selling property in Italy, there are three variables.

  • You sell before completion and you are free from Capital Gains tax.
  • You sell within 5 years of completion and you are liable for 12.5% Capital gains tax in the country of purchase (you may also have to make up the difference in your country if bringing the money back).
  • You sell after 5 years and become exempt from Capital gains tax in the country of purchase.
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