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What do we do for you?

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We could produce a list as long as your arm but "what we do" is probably best described by explaining that we are customer focussed agency - there are no banks of telesales people here- we are a full service agency and offer:-

Services Overview:

  • Pre-replica watches Sales Advice/Contract negotiation assistance as required
  • Full help and support all the way through the purchase process
  • Snagging and Handover (we can act for you if you can't be here yourself)
  • Fittings of kitchens and Furniture
  • Rental/Rental Management
  • Sales (re-sales where required)


We also offer a bespoke property finding and related services.

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Clients can choose which aspects they would like us to help them with each of the above elements requiring a great number of individual

"services".Naturally some of the services such as rentals and rental management we do in association with partner companies or
indeed pass all the work over to trusted partners who keen to maintain a great relationship through quality service offering to our
clients. We make no commission from any rental management fees but offer this as a service, another reason for using our company for
your property purchase.


Silverhouse Property work for you in a friendly, proactive and professional manner to help achive your aims.


Call us today on 01604 633 233 to find out how we can help you or contact us on info@silverhouseproperty.com

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