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Why Invest In Property?

Over the last 50 years property in the UK has doubled in value every seven years.. There are more 'property millionaires' than any other.. You can 'leverage' (borrow money from a  bank to purchase) your invesment.    It's about the 'safest' investment around.

They all sound like pretty good reasons to us.

The above figures referenced the UK market replica hublot which has now seen the end of it's high capital growth period - prices will be going 'nowhere much' for a few years.   In order to achieve higher rates of capital appreciation it's necessary to look further afield.

There are a number of markets outside of the Uk that are going to do what the UK market did....but probably more quickly.

The Holy Grail of our job is to identify these markets, locate great investment opportunities within them and then to bring them to our customers in a safe and easily accessible way.  Hopefully we'll make it look easy.

Here are some more reasons why property investment is attractive...
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Property is an investment that can, given time, start to produce a passive income - that is an income for which you do not have to be involved on a daily basis, one where your investment will sit there generating income (whether that is through rent received or through capital appreciation) which can then be released by the sale of the property or, more likely, by re-financing (due to the exceptional tax advantages), with you doing very little. 

It is this potential to achieve a passive income that draws many as, ultimately, it gives the investor the chance to do what they wish with their lives, not to be a slave to money.

Property investment has many many benefits and for many reasons...these are explored and explained in the following sections on the web site.

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