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Due Diligence

If you were purchasing a new build property a few replica breitling watches hundred yards from where you lived it's likely that you would be very keen to ensure that the developer you were using had a good reputation for quality work, honesty and reliability. This is clearly equally as important if you are making a purchase overseas, more so probably as problems would be harder to resolve at a distance.

Silverhouse carry out a due diligence process on the developers we work with....in our experience we've happily found it relatively easy to come across great companies to deal with, but on the other hand, we're also well aware that there are many less than totally scrupulous companies out there as well!

We're offered deals that sound 'too good to be true' time and time again and after investigating have generally found this to be the case, they were too good to be true or they carried an exceptionally high level of risk for one reason or another. When there are such good genuine (and relatively low risk) deals already available we feel exposure to to high levels of risk to be unwarranted.

We've our customers interests very much at heart..we're a service company after all and while we don't get paid by our customers directly we do work for them.

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