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Beach vs City Investments

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Within the property investment 'community' there is healthy debate on what makes the best, the most secure and most likely to be lucrative investment; is it investments made in major cities (with the market likely to be driven by local industry and the local population) or beach style investments?

Our opinion is that you can make good investments 'in the city' or, 'on the beach' but in order for them to be good investments they have to be carefully selected.

We'd also say that in our opinion best cheap breitling replica it's harder to find a genuinely good holiday
style investment than city one.  Here are some reasons...

Beach investments are emotion driven.  An area may be popular one day and much less so a year or so later.

City investments are more predictable with capital growth and rental income generally being dictated by local demand, as opposed to being driven  by tourist demand. 

City investments are not subject to how 'fashionable' a place is at any time nor is it as exposed to economic downturns. 

With a drop in income people can choose to stop holidaying or choose to not purchase a holiday property but, back home, they will still need a place to live near where they work!

On the plus side for beach investments with the right location and at the right time great capital appreciation can be seen...also good rental income...but in our opinion good 'beach' investments come along much less often than a good city ones. 

Our featured area of Calabria is such a location and offers a great deal to both those seeking a great holiday home and to those seeking a great investment.   For this location, with prices now rising very quickly, we encourage people to move fast!


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