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What Is BMV Investing?

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BMV is an abbrievation for Below market Value.  Buying a property Below Market Value refers to paying less than the seller could reasonably expect to receive on the open market.

The surprising thing for many is that it really does exist uncc replica watches but, unfortunately, it is a much abused term by unscrupulous companies who will state that a property is below market value when it is a false discount.  Such practices are now commonly seen in the UK on 'off-plan' deals where the purchaser would have no chance whatsoever of reselling at the normal undiscounted price.  There's no such thing as a free lunch and developers do not give money away!  It is also fair to say that in markets in which you might particularly want to buy in (as they are seeing sharp price increases for instance) it is harder to find BMV deals as, the developers have no need to employ such sales ploys as the units pretty much sell themselves.

When considering such matters, and if all were to be believed, would a genuine 15% discount (on a property going no where capital appreciation-wise) be better than paying market value for a property in a 'hot' market that was perhaps appreciating upwards of 15% a year?  While short term plays can sometimes be used where the circumstances present themselves, property should generally be considered a long term game as that is where the real money is made. 

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