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UK vs Overseas Investment

We all know that many canny investors have made their fortunes over the last 10 years in the UK Buy-To-Let property market however we also now know the climate has now certainly changed. While property is always likely to be an excellent long term bet (and that certainly applies to the UK) the immediate Uk outlook is not so rosy...while a very reckless few still talk up the market and predict 'great times' ahead the best most sensible industry experts are hoping for is a 'soft landing' followed far more modest growth - however many predict a significant price 'correction' and feel it is now well overdue...unfortunately if we look at current indicators and historical patterns we can see that they are probably making this point with very good reason.

cheap replica watches ukDepressing as it is, recently, UK repossessions rose to their highest level for some years.   Interests rates have been steadily (and prudently)  increased but the key aspect of affordability is now a genuine problem all around...an unexpected redundancy or even an unexpected addition to the family can now spell big problems ...

Invest Abroad

So if you wish to profit from property investment cheap replica watches for sale what are the options.... pack up and go home and wait 5 years or so? Obviously we don't feel that is the answer.  We live in exciting and dynamic times with the emergence of the Eastern European countries from the communist era, the enlargement of the EU and the world generally becoming more assessable and thus providing the opportunity for investment in more dynamic markets...we've effectively reached the stage of having a global property market.

The immediate (and by that we mean over the next 5 years) opportunities for very high capital growth lie outside of the UK however it is also naturally important to still buy 'well' and to take a prudent approach to gauging the risk/reward ratio. We have found it's all too common now for property to be marketed promising 'huge' potential rewards but the risks that go with it do in fact make it an unattractive proposition. There are many opportunities for making overseas property investments where the risks are quite low but the potential (and very likely) reward is still very high...we don't believe you should gamble recklessly...especially when there is no need!

Where to Invest?

There are many 'good' places to invest - which one is 'best' depends upon the investor and their objectives.  Generally speaking, an out an out 'investors' might possibly  look to Central and Eastern European....countries such as Poland or Romania.  Those with an eye to holiday location that also has great investment potential might look towards the Greek Islands or to Calabria in Sounthern Italy.  Cyprus (at the moment) is a lifestyle choice but holds great prospects longer term as does Cape Verde. 


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