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So what does Brazil have to offer? Well lets consider this by breaking it down into the parts which are important for a potential buyer.


Brazil has quite a lot going for it as far as economics. According to some economists, Brazil will be one of the future economic leaders along with Russia, India, China. Also for foreigners, currency is quite favourable at the moment making it cheap for foreigners to invest and buy property.

There are some areas in the North East of Brazil that have seen capital appreciation of over 20% per year.

Because Brazil is now self sufficient in Oil, it is now most likely that the economy will increase A LOT.


In regards to war and terrorism, SARS and hurricanes Brazil is considered a low risk area.


One nice thing about Brazil is, the people are always friendly and cheerful. Smiles can go a long way. Also, the cities in Brazil are vibrant and exciting as you can find carnivals and music.


An advantage of living in Brazil is, the cost of living can be as low as 30% when compared to the cost of living in the UK/Europe.

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