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About the Calabrian Region

Cliff view of Scilla

Calabria is an area of outstanding natural beauty that performs the clever trick of being popular whilst still being unspoilt. This until now undiscovered area has  been aptly described as being 'astonishingly beautiful'.  It is not any sort of package tour destination and is all about a true Italian experience and living the Dolce Vita or the Good Life.

Popular for many years with Italian holiday makers due to it's beautiful beaches, low prices and great climate the area is now opening up due to the arrival of budget flight into Lamezia airport, the imminent arrival of international flights into a second airport (Reggio Calbria) and the improvements to the A3 motorway that are soon to be completed to link Salerno to Calabria.

The draw to Calabria for Italian holiday goers hasn't all been about beautiful beaches and cheap prices, the area is also full of charming towns and villages and has cuisine and culture to match. The weather gives 300 sunny days per year and even winter weather is good by our own UK standards!

Prices for property in Tuscany are two to three times higher than in Calabria and prices will inevitably rise in the region as a catch-up effect takes place. Currently being touted as a property 'Hotspot' Calabria justifies the boasts and is an excellent investment location that should also see great opportunity for rental returns as well as capital appreciation. Calabria is the perfect blend and really does have it all!

We are offering very low cost 2/3 day inspection visits with the cost being refundable if a property is purchased.

Tourist spots

Cliff at Tropea, Italy, provided by Blueshade from wikipedia.com


On the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, is a beautiful town, with a drammatic seaside beach that has recently been announced best for beach holidays by timesonline.co.uk, and the Santa Maria dell'Isola sanctuary. It is also renowned for its sweet red onions (mainly produced in Ricadi).

Reggio Calabria

On the strait between the mainland and Sicily, the largest and oldest city in Calabria, renowned for its fabulous panoramic seaside with botanical gardens between the art nouveau buildings and the beautiful beaches, and its 3,000 years of history with the old Aragonian Castle and the great National Museum of Magna Grecia where the famous Riace Warriors (Bronzi di Riace) are located.


On the Ionian sea, is a village situated near the excavation of ancient Sybaris, a Greek colony of the VII century B.C.


On the Tyrrhenian Sea, "pearl" of the "Violet Coast", has delightful panorama, important religious traditions, and is the site of some of Homer's tales.

Capo Vaticano

On the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a very famous wide bathing place near Tropea.


Near Locri, is a beautiful medieval city with a Norman castle and an ancient cathedral.


A seaside resort and important archeological site


The home of Tommaso Campanella, with its Norman castle and beautiful Byzantine church, the Cattolica.


Seat of the Cosentian Academy, is renown for its cultural institutions, the old quarter, Romanesque Cathedral and a Swabian Castle.

Pizzo Calabro

On the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, known for its ice cream called "Tartufo". Interesting places in Pizzo are Piazza Repubblica and the Aragonian castle where Murat was murdered.


On the Ionian Sea, Also known as the "Pearl" of the Ionian Sea. Especially renown for its beaches, boardwalk and nightlife.


On the Tyrrhenian Sea, is a beautiful little medieval Town with an ancient Ruff


Some information above has been extracted from www.wikipedia.com and modified by us.

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